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    It’s been an historic month for the WeedLife Network ™ , a business social network and digital marketplace with more than 40 websites and app tools developed for the cannabis industry. Earlier this month The WeedLife Network’s parent company, Social Life Network Inc., was approved for trading on the US Stock Market Exchanges under the
For the first ten companies or business professionals that take advantage of the offering, the WeedWorthy news network will write and publish press releases at a fraction of the usual cost to them. DENVER (May 18,  2016) – As its parent company enters a new stage, The WeedLife Network marks the occasion by announcing a special deal for those w
  The ground-breaking network of websites and apps for marijuana businesses and consumers has come up with another innovative online tool, to help legal cannabis companies grow and succeed DENVER (March 25, 2016) – The WeedLife Network, a group of more than 40 websites and apps that help bring cannabis businesses, organizations and consumers together, is unveiling a new online tool for legal marijuana dispensaries and grow facilities.
  The ground-breaking network of websites and applications for legal marijuana businesses and consumers announces the launch of its latest app, designed to help cannabis dispensaries streamline and strengthen their online presence   DENVER (March 16, 2016) – The WeedLife Network, a business social network and digital marketplace with more than 40 websites and app tools developed for the cannabis industry, announced today the launch of its latest application platform; designed specifically for cannabis dispensary storefronts across the United States. was officially launched in late 2013, to provide users with a map and directory website for locating dispensaries, co-ops and collectives in their area.   “Since 2013 many of the people using our social network have been looking for and sharing location information about their favorite local dispensary storefronts,” says Shawn Tapp, WeedLife’s co-founder and CEO. “They’ve also been sharing their suggestions with the network, and as a result of that feedback we launched as an easy-access resource.”   As the website matured over the next two years, “it was clear that we needed to set it apart from similar sites like WeedMaps and Leafly,” notes Tapp, a 20-year veteran of the digital marketing industry, “by rebuilding the technology to complement their services rather than compete with them.”
  The WeedLife Network had 1.5 million reasons to be grateful for in 2015    The ground-breaking network of websites and apps for marijuana businesses and consumers  reached its planned sales goals nearly one year ahead of schedule, and looks forward to  aggressively expanding its footprint in the legal cannabis industry in 2016   DENVER (January 1, 2016) – The WeedLife Network, a group of more than 40 websites and  apps that help bring cannabis industry professionals, organizations and consumers together, is  celebrating the completion of its third year with its own version of financial fireworks.  
  DENVER, COLORADO (PRWEB) DECEMBER 10, 2015 As the 2016 elections loom on the national horizon more Americans are seeking to educate themselves, mostly by going online, to the opportunities and challenges that legal marijuana might bring to their communities and businesses. That desire for reliable, cannabis-related news and information also helped, a website devoted to cannabis-related news and information, to reach a major milestone last month. The site, a combination of original content and aggregate news articles produced by The WeedLife Network, brought in close to 500,000 page views in November while attracting over 91,000 unique visitors.
  DENVER, COLORADO (PRWEB) DECEMBER 07, 2015 DENVER (December 7, 2015) --, the latest website to join The WeedLife Network, officially launches today as a prime resource for people interested in the politics of cannabis in the United States. The comprehensive site features a breakdown of marijuana laws in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. It also includes information regarding local elected officials, cannabis policies and upcoming political races. There’s data as well on current and pending Congressional legislation regarding marijuana legalization efforts and on each candidate in the 2016 presidential election: including those candidate’s stances regarding marijuana legalization. features commentary and rankings from the Marijuana Policy Project, the advocacy group devoted to ending marijuana prohibition, on state and national political issues, as well as MPP’s rankings of the presidential candidates on cannabis legalization.
  The WeedLife Network, a Denver-based group of more than 40 websites and apps that help bring cannabis businesses and consumers together, is opening up its network to a wide range of legal marijuana advertising. The move is expected to create a “safe haven” and full-grown marketplace almost immediately for the tens of thousands of cannabis businesses whose advertising has been refused by Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter and other major online companies. That ongoing ban has also been condemned by cannabis industry advocates. Last year, in an interview with the Huffington Post, a spokesperson for the Marijuana Policy Project criticized the advertising prohibition as “arbitrary and hypocritical."
  DENVER, COLORADO (PRWEB) APRIL 27, 2015 The WeedLife Network has come up with a ground-breaking solution to a problem that has been troubling cannabis businesses with their online search marketing and advertising campaigns: by announcing the launch of WeedLIVE, the first-ever cannabis website search engine of its kind. Officially launched today, is designed specifically for the cannabis industry and was created to index only marijuana-related business websites. WeedLIVE deals directly with the major challenge facing cannabis businesses that want to advertise online: the anti-marijuana policies of search engine giants like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yelp that, according to a Huffington Post article published January 22 of last year, ban the advertising of cannabis-related products, services and websites on their search platforms.
  DENVER, COLORADO (PRWEB) APRIL 15, 2015 April is a significant month for marijuana enthusiasts and advocates. Along with the annual “420” celebrations on April 20th, more companies, institutional investors and cannabis fans are taking part in the legal marijuana industry as part of the traditional springtime ramp-up of business. And that flood of interest in the cannabis sector has become especially evident online at The WeedLife Network, a rapidly-growing group of websites and mobile apps that help bring cannabis businesses together with other businesses and their consumers via B2B (business-to-business and B2C (business-to-consumer) e-commerce. According to network cofounder Shawn Tapp, WeedLife has seen its web traffic double weekly since its official launch last month – attracting over 500,000 page views so far during the first two weeks of April.
  DENVER, COLORADO (PRWEB) APRIL 01, 2015 The term “420” is thought to have originated decades ago, as the time (4:20 p.m.) when a group of California teenagers would regularly get together after school to smoke marijuana. However it started, 420 has since become a short-hand term for cannabis use – and April 20, or 4/20, has evolved into something of a national holiday for the marijuana culture. To help celebrate this year’s 420 the WeedLife Network, a rapidly-growing group of websites that help bring cannabis businesses and consumers together, has a special offer for marijuana dispensaries and other cannabis-related companies.
  DENVER, COLORADO (PRWEB) MARCH 16, 2015 The Weed Life Network officially launched on Monday – but it has already attracted tens of thousands of consumers and businesses looking to connect and communicate about everything related to the rapidly-growing legal marijuana industry. The brainchild of Andy Rodosevich and Shawn Tapp, the principal investors behind Life Venture Capital (LVC), The Weed Life Network currently features more than a dozen stand-alone web sites and mobile applications developed specifically for cannabis business and culture. The network’s flagship site,, allows marijuana consumers to gather online as a community, to connect, share and learn from each other, while helping to establish and strengthen brand recognition for existing and future marijuana-related products. “ is a cannabis social network where everyone can come and find information, share stories, share images and interact on a social platform with other people that are in the cannabis industry,” said LVC’s Rodosevich.
  DENVER, COLORADO (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 24, 2015 Will 2015 be remembered as the year the legal cannabis industry made its breakthrough with mainstream investors and business people? Or will this year just be a footnote; a breathing space ahead of the landmark marijuana legislation that many observers expect to be introduced by at least five states in 2016? Those are just some of the issues being considered in an exclusive, three-part weekly news series on The State of the Cannabis Industry -- being launched this week on, the all-things-marijuana news site that’s part of the WeedLife Social Network Marketplace. Throughout the series, industry experts weigh in on a variety of issues – including the wildly different ways some states implement and enforce their legal cannabis laws, and whether the current political and cultural landscape is a help or hindrance for the legal marijuana movement.
  DENVER, COLORADO (PRWEB) JANUARY 20, 2015 Some media pundits are already looking ahead to 2016, when a number of states are expected to vote on expanding the legalization of recreational marijuana, as the next major milestone for the cannabis industry. But a large group of financial analysts beg to differ, and say this year could see a breakthrough event when it comes to mainstream investment in marijuana-related companies. Earlier this month Founder’s Fund, a San Francisco-based venture capital firm, announced it was making a multimillion-dollar investment in Privateer Holdings, a private equity group that owns several cannabis-related companies.
  DENVER, COLORADO (PRWEB) DECEMBER 23, 2014 2014 was a landmark year for cannabis in the U.S., highlighted by Colorado and Washington becoming the first two states to legalize recreational marijuana use for adults. And now, as 2015 begins the next chapter in America’s long marijuana history, the rapidly-growing cannabis industry has an unprecedented communications platform – an online network that will assist those businesses and consumers helping to move cannabis away from its outlaw past. The WeedLife Social Network Marketplace, currently made up of four free-to-use websites, officially launches on New Year’s Day, and has the ability to further transform legal marijuana’s place in American life. “We’ve spent the past two years developing our platform so the cannabis industry and its consumers can better connect,” says network co-founder Shawn Tapp,